Authorizations and Regulations

Intermaritime Certification Services (ICS) is authorized by:

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Panama Maritime Authority (Panama)

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belize IMMARBE (International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize)
china Maritime Safety Administration of the People`s Republic of China (MSA-China)
ecuador Ministry of Transport and Public Works of the Republic of Ecuador
honduras Merchant Marine Directorate of the Republic of Honduras
tanzania TZIRS: Tanzania Zanzibar International Register of Shipping
bolivia RIBB: Bolivian International Registry of Ships
moldova The Maritime Administration of the Republic of Moldova


ICS activities are regulated by:

  • International Maritime Conventions and Codes from IMO
  • IMO Resolution MSC.349 (92)
  • IMO Resolution MEPC.237(65)
  • National Regulations from the Maritime Administrations in which ICS is acting on behalf.
  • Regulations applicable to the activities to which ICS is authorized as a Recognized Organization (RO) & Recognized Security Organization (RSO).
  • Rules and Regulations for the Classification and Construction of Ships
  • Common Structural Rules (CSR) for Double Hull Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers
  • IACS information (as an external support documents)
  • Procedures for the Management of Establishing Vessel Inspection Company in China by Foreign Vessel Inspection Organizations of the Maritime Safety Administration of the People’s Republic of China.