EMSA publishes Annual Report 2012

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The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has issued its Annual Report for 2012. This report in an account of the work undertaken by EMSA in 2012 to enhance the quality of shipping, strengthen maritime safety and achieve cleaner oceans. It measures the added value of EMSA's activities and services for the EU in general and its principal stakeholders in particular - EU Member States, Iceland, Norway and the Commission.

The report includes three parts as follows:

  • Section 1. Management report: provides a summary narrative account of the main achievements in 2012.
  • Section 2. Activity report: provides a detailed account of the implementation of Work Programme 2012. In line with Agency practice, this section offers information on planned vs. actual resources (both staff and financial) and output per activity. Performance targets and results are also provided for the Agencies external products and services. The establishment plan execution rate (recruitment) and the budgetary execution have also been included as general performance indicators.
  • Annexes: technical annexes fulfilling a number of institutional reporting obligations. They reflect the successful implementation of improved financial management and internal control systems.

For more information, please click at EMSA Annual Report 2012

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