October 2011 - Intermaritime Certification Services (ICS Class) | Maritime Organization

For shipowners with existing post-Panamax vessels and/or with plans for large new buildings

On October 31st, 2011

For shipowners with existing post-Panamax vessels and/or with plans for large newbuildings the requirements for such New Panamax vessels consists of the construction of two new lock complexes, one on the Pacific and one on the Atlantic side of the waterway, in order to provide a third lock lane capable of handling vessels of greater..

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Obama signs TPA with Colombia, Panama and South Korea

On October 21st, 2011

            Obama today signed three agreements at a ceremony in the Oval Office. 21 October 2011, WASHINGTON, United States (DPA) The President of United States (US), Barack Obama, signed today the Trade Promotion Agreements (TPA) with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, the last step to give way to several agreements..

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Panama Canal Completes Major Step in Expansion Program

On October 17th, 2011

In another important milestone of its Expansion Program, the Panama Canal Authority announced the completion of phase three of the dry excavation project in the construction of the Pacific Access Channel (PAC).  The Pacific Access Channel will connect the third set of locks with the Culebra Cut and Gatun Lake. The third phase of the..

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VIKING Life-Saving Equipment Expands to Panama

On October 17th, 2011

Leading marine safety equipment provider VIKING Life-Saving Equipment has announced the addition of a Latin American sales and service facility located in Colon, Panama and opening November 1.  The move to establish a presence in Panama is another step towards fulfilling VIKING's goal of expanding its network to include more service and stock points around..

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Rome hosted World Maritime Day Parallel Event

On October 14th, 2011

The Palazzo Colonna in Rome was the venue for the 2011 IMO World Maritime Day Parallel Event, on 13 and 14 October 2011, focusing on this year's World Maritime Day theme - "Piracy: orchestrating the response". On 13 October, a seminar was organized, with sessions devoted to “Anti-Piracy Measures and Best Practices” and “International Co-operation..

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Taiwan to Bar Single-Hull Tankers

On October 11th, 2011

TAIWAN has warned that foreign-flag, single-hulled tankers would be barred from its ports within a year. The transport & communications ministry said over the weekend that its decision had to do with environmental concerns, noting: “Water pollution can quickly occur after accidents involving single-hull tankers.” The announcement was timed to give single-hull tanker operators a..

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ILO Director-General announces early departure

On October 7th, 2011

    The Director-General of the ILO, Juan Somavía, announced that he will bring forward the date of his departure from his post to the second half of 2012 due to strong personal reasons that require him to be closer to his family.     GENEVA (ILO news)- The Director-General of the International Labour Organization..

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STCW-F 1995 Convention on training and certification for fishing vessel personnel to enter into force in 2012

On October 5th, 2011

    The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Fishing Vessel Personnel, 1995 (STCW-F 1995) is set to enter into force on 29 September 2012, after the required 15 ratifications were reached on 29 September 2011, with ratification by the Republic of Palau. The STCW-F Convention sets the certification and minimum..

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Permanent agreement for the delegation of statutory certification services ratified between IMMARBE & ICS Class

On October 1st, 2011

A permanent agreement governing the delegation of statutory certification services was ratified on 30-September-2011 in Panama between the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) and Intermaritime Certification Services (ICS Class). The purpose of this permanent agreement is to delegate to the ICS Class the authority vested in the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize..

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