March 2016 - Intermaritime Certification Services (ICS Class) | Maritime Organization

Ballast Water Management (BWM)

On March 31st, 2016

  The Ballast Water Management Convention will have an impact right across the shipping industry, affecting a wide variety of people, and presenting different challenges and pressures. The dedicated services you need Because we understand the pressures you face, the operational challenges you have to overcome and the intricacies of the compliance standards you have..

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Republic of the Marshall Islands maintains Qualitative Edge

On March 29th, 2016

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) received preliminary information regarding the United States Coast Guard’s (USCG’s) Qualship 21 list during Intertanko’s North American Panel meeting. The meeting, which took place on day one of the Connecticut Maritime Association’s (CMA’s) Shipping 2016 conference, was the largest attended North American Panel meeting to date. Rear Admiral..

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RINA Services classifies first ships in Iran

On March 28th, 2016

  RINA Services and the Asian Classification Society  recently classified the first two general cargo ships at 15,000 GT owned by IRISL shipping company based in Iran. This dual classification is the result of a partnership signed with the Tehran-based ACS shortly after sanctions in Iran were lifted. RINA Services’ marine classification in this area..

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ABS: Need for change in talent approach and development

On March 21st, 2016

ABS Chairman, President and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki says risk-based, data-centric, cyber-influenced decision-making defines a new absolute value of talent. Speaking at the opening session of the CMA Shipping 2016 Conference, Mr Wiernicki shared his views on developing the talent needed to lead the maritime industry forward. Setting the stage for a discussion on “Local..

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InterMaritime invited to participate in the Workshop for the ITF Affiliates – Rio de Janeiro, 15-18 March 2016

On March 15th, 2016

  InterMaritime received an official invitation to participate and collaborate in the next workshop for the ITF affiliates on the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 sponsored by the ITF Americas Office in coordination with the ILO International Training Centre (ILO/ITC). The workshop will be held at ITF Americas Office located at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil..

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Hong Kong Shipping Register crossing 100 million gross tonnage

On March 7th, 2016

The Hong Kong Shipping Register has  crossed of 100 million gross tonnage, informed the Secretary for Transport and Housing, Professor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung. To Hong Kong, it’s more than a vote of confidence, Anthony said.  Hong Kong’s maritime tradition is almost two centuries old. Hong Kong served as a port of registry under the UK..

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Revised guidelines for the onboard operational use of shipborne AIS

On March 4th, 2016

  IMO has adopted ‘Revised guidelines for the onboard operational use of shipborne Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)’ as per Resolution A.1106(29). These guidelines have been developed to promote the safe and effective use of the shipborne AIS, in particular to inform the mariner about it’s operational use, limits and potential uses. These guidelines should be taken..

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Steady growth recorded by Maritime Cook Islands

On March 1st, 2016

Maritime Cook Islands (MCI) announced an 11% growth in the fleet last year with 201 new vessels, up from 184 in 2014. The fleet grew from 473 vessels in 2014 to 525 vessels at the end of December.In tonnage added terms in 2015, this is equal to 318,245 gross tons or a 21% increase. Latest..

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