Mission & Vision

At ICS Class we strive to contribute to the safety of navigation, the prevention of pollution from ships in service and the security of life of humans at sea.

Our Mission

We strive to uphold these values by providing our classification and statutory certification services in compliance with the requirements established by the flag state and interested parties.

Cultural Values

As part of our culture towards quality, we promote in all our levels the following cultural values:

  • Dedication to quality.
  • Pride for the prestige of our organization.
  • Stimulus to the auto-preparation and individual creativity.
  • teamwork with awareness in good performance.
  • Technical rigor, impartiality, confidentiality and professional ethical performance.
  • Responsibility to the authorizations granted to the organization.
  • Responsibility to the interested parties and society in general.


ICS Class aims to establish itself in the international maritime community as a Classification Society, Recognized Organization and Recognized Security Organization by flag states. ICS Class pushes to be recognized as a mature organization. We aspire to become a distinguished part of the community measured by our performance and the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.

Quality Policy

At ICS Class, considering the purpose and context of the organization and in compliance with the authorizations given by flag states, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality management system to contribute with the safety of navigation, pollution prevention from ships in service and the safety of life at sea. With our commitment to improved service to our clients and to uphold the legal system we push to promote these three standards always.