Other Services

Ballast Water Management Plan

The harmful effects of ballast water in the environment is well known and documented. Our team at ICS Class will help your company ensure that your vessels comply with all new regulations and exceed them, to provide better quality services to your clients.

ISM/ISO 9000:2015 Integration

The International Safety Management (ISM) Code is the standard for the safe management of ships and the prevention of pollution. The ISO 9001 version 2015 is the international standard that ensures the quality of the management and operations of the services provided.

At ICS Class we have a dedicated team to help your company integrate these standards.

Ship Security Assessment & Ship Security Plan Preparation for ISPS Code

According to the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code every ship must take certain actions towards the security of the crew, ship and evironment.

At ICS Class we help your company assess and prepare all necessary requirements and exceed them to ensure the livelihood of the crew, the safety operation of the vessel and the prevention of pollution.

Preparation of the Panama Canal Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP)

All tanker and oil cargo vessels that travel through the Panama Canal must pass all requirements established by the Panama Canal Authority. At ICS Class we will help you prepare for PCSOPEP.

Other Services

  • Manual Preparation (Fire & Safety Plan, SOPEP, SMPEP, CSM and others)
  • Preparation of ISM / ISO Manuals
  • Support during the implementation of Quality and Safety Management System
  • Familiarization with ISO/ISM Code
  • ISM / ISO Internal Audits
  • Designated Person for the PCSOPEP
  • Preparation of PCSOPEP
  • ITC, Freeboard, Stability  and other Calculations
  • and others