ICS Class Rules and Regulations

ICS Class is an independent and non-commercial organization that carries out classification activities in an impartial and objective manner in compliance with the ICS Class Rules and Regulations.

These Rules and Regulations set the standards for the Classification of Ships providing all the information required for class inspections.

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In the table bellow you will find all information regarding ICS Class Rules and Regulations:

Chapter 01Classification
Chapter 02Hull
Chapter 03Equipment, Arrangement and Outfit
Chapter 04Stability
Chapter 05Subdivision
Chapter 06Fire Protection
Chapter 07Machinery Installation
Chapter 08Pumping and Piping
Chapter 09Machinery
Chapter 10Boilers
Chapter 11Electrical Equipment
Chapter 12Refrigerating Plants
Chapter 13Materials
Chapter 14Welding
Chapter 15Automation

ICS Class may assign or renew a class to a ship in service. Assignment, maintain or renewal of class, or re-classification of a ship means that it complies with the relevant provisions of ICS Class Rules and Regulations. ICS Class Rules & Regulations shall determine the requirements that the ships are to be complying in order to assign and maintain the ICS Class during the validity of class certificates issued by ICS Class.The classification may assign, maintain and renew if the vessel is subject to the following periodical class surveys:

Initial Survey; Annual Survey; Intermediate Survey; Special Survey; Inspection of the outside of the ship’s bottom including Dry-Docking Survey (DD) & In Water Survey (IWS) Propeller Shaft Survey, Occasional Survey ESP, applicable to Bulk Carriers & Oil Tankers and other type of survey as determine by ICS Class A Certificate of Class valid for five (5) years can be issue as a result of satisfactory completion of periodical surveys, this document certify compliance with the requirements of the ICS Class Rules and Regulations.

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Panama Maritime Authority – Class Certificate Requirement

According to the Merchant Marine Circular 267:

..all Panamanian flagged vessels of 500 GT and above, shall maintain a Class Certificate onboard that certifies that its structure, machinery and electrical equipment are in full compliance with the provisions of the International Conventions ratified by the Republic of Panama.