Maritime Security Auditors (MSA)

ICS Maritime Security Auditors (MSA) are assigned to perform ISPS-Code Certification. The requirements to become Maritime Security Auditors are as follow:

  1. Auditors should be able to demonstrate knowledge of ship operations and the auditing of management systems in accordance with, as a minimum, ISO 19011 ( or previous quality systems ISO norms – ISO 9000 series ) or the ISM-Code.
  2. Auditors performing ISPS-Code verification and certification shall have completed and approved ISPS-Code course.
  3. Continuous updating is necessary as circumstances dictate in the knowledge, understanding and interpretation of the ISPS-Code. This updating may be through additional training courses, distant learning, in-house training or other suitable recognized method.
  4. Copy of ISPS-Code course and copy of ISM-Code or of applicable ISO norms courses is necessary prior to authorize maritime security auditor who has the responsibility for verifying compliance with the requirements of the ISPS-Code.
  5. The following documents are necessary for evaluation and approval as a Maritime Security Auditor (MSA):
    1. Application / Updating form for ICS surveyors / auditors & one (1) color digital photo.
    2. C.V. (updated details of education and objective evidence of previous working experience).
    3. Copy of the ISPS-Code course (Ship Security Officer & Company Security Officer training course is acceptable).
    4. Previous experience in auditing Safety Management Systems or ISPS-Code (Survey and Audit Log).
    5. Copy of updated ISM-Code or ISO- 19011 (9000 series) course certificates.
    6. Copy of the certificate from a tertiary institution recognized by the administration or by the recognized organization within a relevant field of Engineering or Physical Science (minimum two (2) years programme); or Certificate from a marine or nautical institution and relevant seagoing experience as a certified ship officer (minimum five (5) years of seagoing experience).