MLC, 2006 Inspector

ICS Maritime Labour Inspectors are assigned to perform MLC, 2006 certifications.

The requirements to become an ICS Maritime Labour Inspector are as follow:

  1. Maritime Labour Inspectors should be able to demonstrate the necessary expertise in the relevant aspects of the MLC, 2006 (including ILO Conventions), and appropriate knowledge on ships operations, including the minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship (STCW Convention included), conditions of employment, accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering, accident prevention, health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection.
  2. Maritime Labour Inspectors shall have the necessary knowledge of the requirements of the MLC, 2006 and the Guidelines for Flag State Inspections as well as applicable national laws and regulations and relevant international and national instruments.
  3. Maritime Labour Inspectors performing MLC, 2006 certification shall have demonstrate enough knowledge on ships operations or auditing of safety management systems in accordance with, as a minimum, ISM or ISO 9000 series.
  4. Maritime Labour Inspectors shall have completed and approved MLC, 2006 training course for inspectors as well as continuous updating as circumstances dictate in the knowledge, understanding and interpretation of the MLC, 2006. This updating may be through additional training courses, distant learning, in-house training or other suitable recognized method.
  5. The following documents are necessary for the evaluation and approval prior to authorize any ICS Maritime Labour Inspector who has the responsibility for verifying compliance with the requirements of the MLC, 2006:
    1. Updated C.V or Resume including details of previous working experience.
    2. Copy of certificate(s) of MLC, 2006 training course(s) for Maritime Labour Inspectors.
    3. Previous experience in auditing Safety Management Systems or ISO 9000 audits (Audit log).
    4. Copy of updated certificate(s) of ISM or ISO 9000 course(s) for ISM/ISO auditors.
    5. Copy of certificate from a recognized institution within a relevant field of Engineering or Physical Science (minimum two (2) years programme); or Certificate from a maritime or nautical academy and relevant seagoing experience as a certified ship officer with a minimum of five (5) years of seagoing experience.