Class & Statutory Surveys

The requirements to become ICS Surveyor assigned to perform Class & Statutory Surveys are as follow:

  1. ICS surveyor shall demonstrate knowledge and training to execute all types of class & statutory surveys relevant to the process he is authorized to perform.
  2. The qualification of the surveyors should include:
    1. A degree or equivalent from a tertiary recognized institution within a relevant field of Engineering linked to the Maritime Sciences or a qualification from a suitable marine or nautical institution and relevant sea-going experience as a certified ship officer.
    2. Suitable work experience relevant to the Class & Statutory surveys.
  3. In assessing suitability and qualifications, the following shall be considered:
    1. Experience from Class & Statutory related works as stated in suitable evidences.
    2. Mandatory training (courses) successfully completed in relation with class & statutory surveys as stated on corresponding courses certificates/statements.
  4. Copy of all Class & Statutory courses certificates shall be submitted prior to authorization for carrying out surveys for verifying compliance with the requirements of IMO and ILO conventions, IMO codes, IMO resolutions, national regulations and classification rules.
  5. Continuous updating is necessary as circumstances dictate in the knowledge, understanding and interpretation of the class & statutory activities. This updating may be through additional training courses, distant learning, in-house training or other suitable recognized method.
  6. The following documents shall be forwarded for evaluation and approval as surveyor to ICS:
    1. Application / Updating form for ICS surveyors/auditors & one (1) color digital photo.
    2. C.V (updated details of education and objective evidence of previous working experience)
    3. Copy of Class & Statutory courses attended and certificates obtained.
    4. Records, letters of references, certifications, statements, etc, regarding previous experience in class & statutory surveys.
    5. Copy of the license or title as a marine / nautical engineer, naval architect, Captain, Chief Eng., First Officer or First engineer, Deck or Engineer Officer.
  7. Other relevant documents in relation with Class & Statutory surveys.