InterTraining – BWM Module

Welcome to InterTraining
First at all we would like to welcome you to our training platform: InterTraining
ICS Class-Head Office have created a dynamic and friendly distant learning platform to understand the implementation of IMO/National regulations and survey requirements on technical aspects of Ballast Water Management accessible through a learning portal where you can also find the most updated information about IMO resolutions and circulars, USCG mandatory requirements, videos, flag States regulations, frequently asked questions, as well as other important information, all available to the maritime  community.
Ballast Water Management Training Course (BWM Module)
The Ballast Water Management Training Course (BWM Module) for the understanding of the implementation of IMO/National regulations and survey requirements was developed and prepared by ICS Class (member of InterMaritime Group) and is now available for everyone who is interested. BWM Module incorporate the latest information adopted by IMO, USCG, flag States, as well as other important information.
Instructions for the completion of the BWM Module
  • Login to InterTraining (ICS Class Head Office will provide you with your login credentials)
  • Go to “Modules & Courses” section
  • Start the BWM Module
  • Complete all the reading and visual material provided;
  • Proceed to “Start the Exam” [All questions in the exam shall be attempted (no empty question shall be left behind)].
  • The access to the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM Convention) is allowed (this is an open-book examination).
  • Select one letter only: a), b), c), d) or e) on the examination paper which is supplied to indicate which you judge to be the correct answer.
  • Only one (1) answer is correct in every question.
  • Minimum score: 70% of correct answers.
Certificate of Attendance
After the satisfactory attention and completion of the BWM Module, you should:

  1. Go to “Certificate of Attendance” Section and click “Submit”
  2. ICS Class – Head Office will receive your request
  3. ICS Class-Head Office will proceed to review your application and start to elaborate your Certificate of Attendance

This certificate of attendance can help attendees to obtain recognition from their organizations as professionals involved on the inspection or operation of ships for compliance with the BWMC, 2004.