Our Services

The following activities performed by ICS Surveyors around the World:

  • Statutory Certification
  • ILL
  • Antifouling Systems
  • IMSBC Code
  • ITC’69
  • IMDG Code
  • Lifting Appliances
  • Fishing Vessles
  • MODU
  • Manuals and Plan Approvals
  • Certificates for vessels less than 500 GT
  • ISM Code
  • ISPS Code
  • ISSC
  • Crew Accomodation

ICS is aware that good quality survey and high class standards are what the marine insurance industry needs worldwide, therefore, ICS is glad to cooperate with H & M Underwriters and P & I Clubs to meet their safety and underwriting guidelines.

The following class are offered by ICS:

  • Class Hull Certificates
  • Class Machinery Certificates
  • Class Boilers Certificates
  • Class Refrigerating Installation Certificates
  • Class Fishing Vessel Certificates. [/list][/two_column]