How to harmonise de-coupled IOPP Certificates due to BWM

ClassNK has issued latest technical information referring to periodical survey in advance of survey window, explaining that with entry into force of  the BWM Convention, IOPP and/or BWM Certificate (issued by some flag states) may be de-harmonized from Harmonized System of Survey and Certification (HSSC). In this case, the ship owners may be required to arrange periodical surveys twice a year, if the survey window of the de-harmonized IOPP and/or BWM Certificate does not overlap enough with the one of other statutory certificates including SC Certificate.

‘’In 2017, class societies still have different practices when applying statutory certification on behalf of Flag States. The chaos now is in IOPP harmonisation/de-harmonisation due to BWM Regulations.’’ commented Jad Mouawad on linkedin regarding IOPP Certificates.

As a way to reduce such burden to arrange periodical surveys twice a year, the owners can carry out periodical surveys in advance of the survey window and amend the anniversary date. By amending Anniversary Date, it would become easier to arrange periodical surveys once a year, because the de-harmonized survey windows are overlapped with others in longer.

The following figure from ClassNK shows a case study that, in case where the survey window of de-harmonized IOPP/BWM Cert. is little overlapped with the survey window of other statutory certificates including SC Certificate, periodical survey (Annual Survey) of de-harmonized IOPP/BWM Certificate is carried out in advance and the anniversary date is amended.

Credit: ClassNK

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