Panama Canal informs on mooring line requirements

The Panama Canal has issued advisory in order to inform on Mooring Line Requirements. In particular the ACP states that vessels are required to have six manila or synthetic mooring lines forward and six aft, in good condition prior to commencing transit.

In addition, vessels transiting the Neopanamax locks are required to have four of the six lines forward and four of the six lines aft, in drums, and ready for use. These lines shall be at least 75 m (250 feet) in length and shall have an eye of at least 1.50 m (five feet) spliced in one end. The size and strength of these lines shall be suitable for the vessel’s size in order to safely dock, moor at a lock approach wall, or secure the vessel in a lock chamber.

Non-compliance with this transit requirement has significant impact in Panama Canal transit operations. Therefore, according to the ACP failure to comply shall be promptly reported to Canal authorities.

You may find out more by reading the advisory herebelow